PromotionsPromotion Criteria

Sparring Performance:
This is the most commonly used tool of assessment in BJJ throughout the world. BJJ is a performance based martial art where the grades are indicative that a person has a good level of performance against a fully resistant opponent of similar size and rank.

Technical Knowledge / Understanding:
To progress through the ranks at Mid Ohio Valley Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
 you must possess knowledge of certain techniques, concepts and principles appropriate to the level you are grading for. This is an important point because technical knowledge and detail is what makes BJJ the art that it is. Someone may be a very effective grappler but it could be due their size and strength or years of experience in Freestyle Wrestling as opposed to their knowledge of BJJ. This is why at Mid Ohio Valley Brazilian Jiu Jitsu we look at both sparring performance as well as technical knowledge.

A good attitude is a pre-requisite for undertaking any training atMid Ohio Valley Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

A great attitude means:
•Respecting other people (both in and out of training)
•Having consideration for your training partners