( Black Gi Professor Rey Diogo / White Gi Professor Jason Cable)

Jason "CableGuy" Cable

( Head Instructor)


Jason Cable first started training BJJ in 1996 while in the United States Marine Corps. Jason got serious about training BJJ in March 2004 when he was introduced to Jorge Gurgel. Jason started training in the GI in March 2005. Since training under Jorge, Jason has continued to grow in the sport of BJJ and received his Brown Belt under Jorge on November 20th, 2010.  Jason received his BJJ Black Belt from Professor Mike Patt on March 8, 2014.  Jason is a Certified Brazilian Jitsu Black Belt through the IBJJF / USBJJF.

Jason is a NAGA Champion. Jason has competed in many tournaments in Ohio. Jason has also won a bunch of other smaller tournaments around Ohio. Jason has placed in every competition he has been in. Jason has trained with a lot of the top BJJ practitioners in the world today.

Belts Received
Blue Belt - Jan 28, 2006
(Jorge Gurgel)
Purple Belt -  Jan 5, 2008
(Jorge Gurgel)
Brown Belt - Nov 20, 2010
(Jorge Gurgel)
Black Belt - March 8, 2014
(Mike Patt)

Mike Patt
Rey Diogo
Carlson Gracie
Carlos Gracie
Mitsuyo Maeda

Ryan Carroll

(Kids Instructor)


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Belts Received

Blue Belt - Mar 11, 2017

(Jason Cable)

Purple Belt - April 21, 2018

(Jason Cable)

Jeremy Gardner

(Assistant Instructor)


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Belts Received

Blue Belt - August 2007

(Pedro Sauer)

Purple Belt - June 2011

(Roberto "Maguilla" Marques da silva)

Brown Belt - July 2013

​(Vicente Junior)

Black Belt - April 21, 2018

(Jason Cable)